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We aim to show how there can be a million ways to enhance our experience of the joy of plants. Placing them in unusual objects, in unusual ways and unusual places. How to combine colours, textures and settings with originality, flair and imagination.

Inside Atelier Franquette you will find re-cycled familiar (and unfamiliar) items, put to use in unique and sometimes strange ways. Old clothes and textiles hijacked, recoloured and reimagined. New and simple ways to embellish balconies, terraces, patios and conservatories. Help and advice for your own projects. Clever suggestions.....

The seasons turn and we advance with them. Join us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to follow the latest developments in our ongoing journey. Better still, subscribe to our Newsletter and find out where we will be showing ourselves next. Click on the link below to ask for information, or to give us your ideas.

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